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Benish Group is a global investment company that invests in diverse companies in Israel and overseas. The group’s investment portfolio encompasses fields such as real estate, e-commerce, green energy, start-ups and more. Established by Meni Benish in 2007, the group is led by an experienced management team that is proficient in identifying investment opportunities and creating fruitful collaborations with global businesses. Benish Group companies benefit from strong and stable support that helps them establish a solid business foundation, penetrate new markets, plan smart strategies and maximize profit over time. The Benish Group portfolio includes:

  • Real Estate: Benish Group is a controlling partner in Maof Entrepreneurship & Construction Ltd., which specializes in the entrepreneurship and development of urban renewal projects in Israel. In addition, the Group is partner in various companies that promote real estate projects throughout Europe.
  • E-commerce: Benish Group believes in e-commerce and has vast knowledge and experience in the diverse e-commerce field. The Group’s investment portfolio includes companies involved in food, gifts, diamonds, financial products, loans, lottery and more.
  • Green Energy: Benish Group is dedicated towards initiating, investing and spearheading numerous projects in the developing green energy field.
  • Start-Ups: Benish Group provides innovative start-ups with smart financial backing. During the past years, Benish Group has invested knowledge, experience and resources in young companies that develop a wide range of products, from online finance and gaming to social networks and advanced video analysis.

Benish Group’s partnering companies report steady growth and high ROI over time, throughout dynamic market conditions. With the help of the Group’s management team, the companies succeed in identifying developing market trends, responding to challenges, meeting objectives and maximizing business potential. Benish Group blends investment and action. The combination of personal professionalism, empowering partnerships and long-term goals creates an ambitious business vision, which contributes to the success of everyone involved.

Real Estate

Benish Group holds a controlling share in Maoff Development & Construction LTD, an Israeli real estate company specializing in urban renewal projects in Israel and throughout Europe. The company and its managers have initiated large-scale projects and constantly seek the next challenge.

Archi Group is a leading development company in Georgia. We build functional and comfortable houses throughout the country. European, ecologically clean, highest quality materials are used in construction. Every one of Archi groups’ projects are completely financed by the foreign investment, acting as a guarantee that all the projects are completed in within the deadline.


Maoff Development & Construction LTD


Archi Group



With over 20 years of experience in the ecommerce market, the Benish Group has enjoyed significant success establishing, managing and marketing companies within a wide variety of industries and areas. At the Benish Group, we are involved in every corner of the ecommerce market. Just a few of the projects we’ve been involved with include the following:

Hhall of Hands


מושבניק - ממוקמת במושב מצליח, משווקת פירות וירקות טריים ממושבי האיזור עד בית הלקוח



Subscribers Club which allows you to participate in many personal and joint lotteries and increases your chances of winning

Emmas credit

Emma’s Credit

An online creditor that offers simple-to-get micro loans for the Georgian market


Green Energy

Benish Group takes its commitment in protecting the planet, seriously. By investing in green energy, such as photovoltaic projects, the  Group seeks to cut greenhouse gas emissions, increase access to sustainable energy services, and support financial sustainability. It’s about doing our part to protect our world, and future generations.


Smart Investment LTD



Since its establishment in 2007,  Benish Group has invested and helped initiate, manage and provide financial backing, for startup companies in various stages of development in a wide variety of industries and niches. Each year, the management team selects the most promising startup companies to invest in and assist. In some of those We have been involved with over the years including  the following:



An advanced social network for the gay community


OMG! Fortune

Lucky Fish Games developed a unique gaming platform focused on soft casino games for social networks

Scientific Wizard

Scientific Wizard

A high-tech company using picture and video analysis to create breakthrough products in different industries, including medical, traffic control and more


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